Our Work

Our Work
The Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center is founded on the principle that innovation, education, and policy support are vital to finding solutions in food safety. By leveraging the cooperative efforts of Chinese and international experts and universities, we can share knowledge and best practices in the industry. We believe that together those three pillars encompass a holistic strategy for helping society develop comprehensive solutions on food safety. Want to learn more? Please select a topic below to go in-depth.
Leverage domestic and international technology to better understand the root causes of food safety risk and food-borne illness and, more importantly, to find applicable, prevention-oriented solutions.
Work with Chinese partners to develop educational products that teach children and adults safe food handling practices.
Assist the government in reaching its goal to enhance the ability of food producers, big and small, to comply with food safety laws through transformative partnerships with Chinese stakeholders from the public and private sectors.
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Importance of food safety culture by Frank Yiannas
Walmart Vice President for Food Safety, Frank Yiannas, introduces the importance of food safety culture