Education is the key to solving social issues, and food safety problems are no exception.

Food safety education is a critical part of enhancing food safety.

The Center believes that food safety awareness and knowledge play a vital role in promoting food safety. Therefore, the Center actively cooperates with relevant domestic and foreign organizations to promote food safety education among children, parents, consumers, SMEs, industry practitioners, and other groups.

Current education projects include:


National Children’s Food Safety Protection Campaign

: Since 2016, the Walmart Foundation has provided financial support to the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF) to jointly launch the National Children’s Food Safety Protection Campaign. The campaign aims to advance food safety knowledge and reduce risky household food practices among the public through organizing various educational activities. The Center hopes that this project can spread food safety knowledge to Chinese families and ensure sustainability in food safety practices.

“Emerging Issues in Food Safety” Lecture Series

: The lecture series serves as a communication platform for food safety practitioners. The Center invites opinion leaders in food safety related fields from both China and abroad to share their perspectives on the latest domestic and global trends. The lecture series facilitates communication between governments, academia, companies, media, and consumers, and promotes food safety and social governance.

Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP)

: The Walmart Foundation funds the KAP project led by the China Food Information Center (CFIC). The survey is jointly carried out with the National Institute for Nutrition and Health (NINH) and local branches of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It aims to understand the factors that influence children’s and parents’ knowledge, attitudes and behavior towards food safety issues to provide reference for future scientific initiatives.

Food Safety and Public Health Education Initiative

: The Center and the China Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) signed a cooperative memorandum to promote public education on food safety and health in China. The partnership will leverage each side’s strengths to jointly build a communication and collaboration platform for experts and scholars in the academic community, food industry practitioners, and consumers. Both sides are committed to raising public awareness and knowledge of food safety and health.

Food Safety Education Campaign

: The Walmart Foundation provides financial support to the China Chain Store and Franchise Association to launch a Food Safety Education Campaign in China. The campaign aims to spread food safety knowledge, help people establish good consumption habits, and reduce risks of foodborne illness. The project also creates compelling and comprehensive educational materials for consumers and solicits advice from an expert committee on how consumers can avoid daily food safety risks. Meanwhile, the campaign will also conduct focus group interviews among consumers to help people establish better consumption habits.