Policy Support

Supporting government supervision of the food industry is a fundamental part of corporate social responsibility.


Initiatives under the Policy Support pillar of WFSCC aim to promote regulatory development and enforcement through supporting academic work on food safety law and regulations. The Center is also an active participant in food safety forums and discussions, seeking to become a key opinion leader on food safety and a constructive contributor in dialogues with government, academia, and relevant business associations and corporations.

As such, WFSCC set up the

Sam Walton Chair on Food Safety Law at Renmin University Law School

, a key project to support China’s food safety policy development.

During the three-year collaboration with Renmin University, the inaugural chair Professor Hu Jinguang will drive China’s research and educational development in food safety law and regulations, and strengthen China’s food safety governance in policy implementation and supervision. His team will contribute to China’s food safety law enforcement and judicial capabilities, seeking collaborative input on food safety governance in from across the entire supply chain. The Sam Walton Workshop on Food Safety, held every two months, brings relevant parties together to discuss topical social issues in the food industry and food safety law and regulations, and is a premier channel for dialogue on these topics.