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Our network of committed suppliers helps us satisfy the needs of hundreds of customers every day. To join the thousands of businesses around the country, you can apply here. Don’t forget to check out the minimum expectations from suppliers.
Know Us
Know Us

Know Us

Walmart India Best Price

As a potential supplier, one of the most important things you can do is get to know how Walmart India works. Whether you are brand new to our stores or you have known us for years, here are a few ways to understand how we help our customers and members save money and live better – while consistently maintaining our commitment to quality.

Visit Walmart India’s Best Price Modern Wholesale Stores in your area. Get a sense of what our stores are like. Especially if you’re interested in becoming a local supplier, information about your local stores can be invaluable.
Compare your product or service to existing ones. Look at the types of products we sell. Does what you have to offer seem like a good fit? Would your product be appropriate on Best Price store shelves? Is your product innovative, high on quality and at a competitive price?

Make sure you understand our shoppers’ needs. When we choose new items to stock, we select products members will want. How would your product improve our members’ lives? Walmart India serves thousands of members from across 21 Best Price Modern Wholesale Stores.

For more information, please write to supplierhelpdeskcnc@wal-mart.com

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements

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Our minimum expectations from suppliers

Sustainable Relationship – We strive to have sustainable and win-win relationship with all our suppliers.

Product – We are focused on meeting the expectations of our members.

  • Quality products, which fulfill members’ requirements.
  • Private brand products which fill the gap in the market.
  • Leading National and International brands that members expect to find on our store shelves.
  • Regional products which are sourced based on local demand
  • Competitively priced products.

Supply Chain Efficiency – This results in cost efficiency and better value to our members.

  • Supply chain must be managed efficiently.
  • Shortages must be exceptional.
  • Any underperformance should be analyzed and quickly addressed.

Quality and Safety – We follow certified standards for purchasing any product. This helps us in maintaining members’ trust.

  • Product must demonstrate the requisite quality before it can be approved for purchase.
  • Compliance with domestic requirements and regulations is must for suppliers.
  • Consistent product safety and quality is ensured by consecutive inspections across the entire manufacturing and supply chain.
Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity

Walmart India is committed to double sourcing from woman-owned businesses (WOBs). We tailor strategies by market and work with a variety of organizations to identify woman-owned businesses. We establish baselines, assess the types of WOBs in our supplier base, understand the common challenges for buyers and suppliers, and design solutions that bridge these challenges while keeping the business goals and local culture in mind.

If you are a woman-owned business, please write to us with your product details.

Watch the video about our Women Entrepreneurship Development Program:

WEDP 2.0 Video